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Upcoming Events

We needs extra hands to help with our upcoming fundraisers!  We appreciate any amount of time you can volunteer! If you'd like to lend a hand, here are some opportunities:

July 30 - August 4 - Classroom Baskets building and distribution
     Several opportunities at each school

September 10 - Kirby's Golf Tournament, Mountain Lake, MN     

     8 am - setup     
     9 am - registration

October 20 - Kirby's Christmas Closet setup, Lakefield, MN
     10 am - setup

October 21 - Kirby's Christmas Closet setup, Lakefield, MN

     10 am - setup

October 22 - Kirby's Christmas Closet, Lakefield, MN

     9:15 am - Volunteer meeting, assignments, breakfast

     10 am - Distribution starts


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Wish Lists

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Classroom Baskets
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Family Baskets
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Kirby's Christmas Closet

Kirby's Closet has lots of opportunities for you, your organization, or your business to help our communities in meaningful ways.  

We are looking for help with fund-raisers, donation collection, and distribution at Kirby's Christmas Closet shopping day. If your group or business would like to help with these events, please let us know!   

Donations of money, gift cards, and new, unwrapped winter clothing, gifts, toys, and books are gratefully accepted.  If your business would like to be a collection point, please email us to let us know! 

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