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Kirby's Live Show

Classlist, Rules
and Entry

Thank you for supporting Kirby’s Closet though our first live show!  All profits from this show will be used to buy Christmas gifts, toys, winter coats, books, and hygiene and cleaning items for families in Southwest Minnesota that cannot afford much for Christmas. 

This is a jackpot show.  We will pay out approximately ¾ of the entry fees to class and division winners!  Final prize money will be calculated at the end of each division based on total number of models entered. 

April 24, 2021

620 Bush St. 
Lakefield MN 

Setup - 7:30 am - 9 am

First class: 9 am



In addition to a fun show, we will have a raffle and claiming class to raise further funds for Kirby’s Christmas Closet.  If you would like to donate an item, please contact Hilary.  Need not be present to win, and we are happy to ship items at winner's cost. Tickets are: 

$1 for 1 ticket

$5 for 6 tickets

$20 for 30 tickets

$50 for 100 tickets


Pizza will be available for lunch for a free-will donation. 


Show rules

  1. Be respectful of others’ models and space.  No running, writing on items on the show tables, or touching others’ models without permission.

  2. Anyone who donates an item to Kirby’s Christmas Closet will receive raffle tickets per item donated.  Larger items will be rewarded with more raffle tickets!  Tickets are also available for purchase for $1 each or 6 for $5.  Raffle will include model horses, tack, non-model items, gift certificates, and one special surprise!

  3.  Entry Fees:

    1. $5 per person and $1 per model.  Entry fees will be collected per class.

    2. Simply place $1 next to your model on the show table.  Money will be collected, and total fees will be calculated for prizes at the end of the show.

    3. Each paid entrant gets 1 8’ banquet table.  Additional tables are available for $10 each.  Please send seating requests with your entry (near a person or outlet, etc.)

  4. Setup: Doors will open at 7:30 am for setup.  Show starts at 9 am.

  5. Classes will be judged for breed only.

  6. “Foals” refers to any model depicting an age less than 2 years.

  7. All scales will be judged together. 

  8. Models may be moved into a different class at judge’s discretion, but those changes will be consistent across all divisions. Example: Gypsy Vanners are Carriage breeds, not draft breeds.  If a Gypsy Vanner lands in the Draft class, he would be removed.

  9. Two divisions will be judged at a time.


Claiming Class

A Claiming Class will be held during lunch.

  1. The Claiming Class will be “judged” by you, the showers! 

  2. Choose your favorite by placing money in your favorite entry’s cup. 

  3. The entry with the most money collected in each class wins! 

  4. Get creative – scenes, groups, collector lots are all welcome! 

  5. All entries will have a “claiming” price.  This is set by the entrant and may be any amount.  If someone wishes to “claim” the entry, they simply talk to the owner to arrange payment!  Money exchanged to claim models does not count toward “cup” totals. 

  6. All money used to vote will to go Kirby’s Closet.




Hilary Rossow

PO Box 474

Lakefield MN 56150


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